︎aka “dani”

︎ aka badguy studio

daniela friedson-trujillo

xr design director

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Check out some of my projects ︎

AT&T FutureScape︎︎︎
3D virtual world with customizable features

Celebrity AR︎︎︎ AR Photobooth for the ultimate fan experience 

Simulation Training︎︎︎ Phase I VR scalable training and scenario development system

VR sci-fi alien-mummy escape room for game jam

Attack of the Munchies︎︎︎
Cross-platform all age co-op game for AR and VR players 

AR headshots concept using scannable image targets for mocap demo viewing

Gamified eLearning for desktop and mobile

Framework for intelligent VR training systems

HUD with complete voice-UI for Hololens 2 MR headset


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