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XR/UX Design

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Cross-platform co-op game for AR and VR players of all ages

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Attack of the Munchies

XR Game Production, Project Manager

“Attack of the Munchies” was developed for The Virtual World Society as a family-friendly cross platform experience. This ambitious project supports synchronus co-opted gameplay for VR and AR players.

VR and AR have very different capabilities. How do we combine the two without degrading the experience from one platform versus another? Rather than degrade the gaming experience by trying to merge cross-platform capabilities, we developed asynchronus roles for AR and VR players - enhancing the gameplay based on platform capabilities.

 Narrative and gameplay to suppore asychronus cross-platform multiplayer play. 

Art direction for this project was designed to display a mouthwatering mix of fantasy and sci-fi to delight audiences of all ages. Custom m edium-poly and cartoonish 3D assets were created, encorporating vibrant, friendly pastel colors.

The contemporary cartoonish 3D assets and environment [left] combined with retro and nostalgic pixel-art [right] make the game art appealing for all ages.

2D assets were designed with retro, nostalgic (but still fresh!) direction, blending seamlessly with simple, uncluttered UI elements. By mixing current-cartoonish elements, with nostalgic elements reminiscent of old-school shooter games - “Attack of the Munchies!” attracts players of all ages. 

[Left] Heads-up display (HUD) for AR gameplay. [Right] User interface for VR gameplay. VR interface is accessible by toggling Smart Glove display.  

VR players enjoy an interesting mix of input through controller buttons (teleport, grab aliens w/ grip + trigger buttons) and in-game finger pressing (powerups, menu). Equipped with VR Smart Gloves, players access the built-in interface for immersive access to powerups, pause menu, and important data (score + base health). This diegetic interface benefits players by offering quick access to important tools/information in a way which feels intuitive and natural.

VR Smart Gloves with a built-in diegetic interface. 

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