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VR sci-fi alien-mummy escape room for game jam

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“DEREQUISITION” is a virtual-reality game developed using the open-source VIRTUOSO SDK for a game jam sponsered by Charles River Analytics

We utilized the theme game jam theme “Ancient Atoms” as well as SDK capabilities to create an eerie alien-mummy ressurection escape room experience. 

Upon entering the initial “tomb room“, the player find a set of VR Alien-Tech Smart Gloves providing both a tablet with gameplay hints, and an interactive laser toolkit.  Following clues on the tablet, the player performs a variety of steps resulting in the ressurection of an ancient alien mummy. 

   Vector images of the step-by-step instructions shown on the tablet for alien-mummy ressurection. Colored icons on the top left of each clue match with the buttons found on the players Smart Glove.  

Tablet toggled on to show the last step in the ressurection process.

This project was developed using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline; our team found it to be the best choice in order to support the custom 3D models, materials, particle effects and shaders we designed. Each laser from the Smart Glove, as well as numerous ressurection steps utilized custom shaders built with Unity shader graphs.  

Custom shaders used for [left] dissolve interaction, and [right] kinesis. 

With only two weeks of part-time development, my team and I were able to create a captivating sci-fi experience with complex animations, interdependent interactions, original 2D and 3D sound, and ambiant post processing. While managing a fully remote team (across several timezones), organization and communication was integral to our success. Understanding each team members unique skillset, as well as the thoroughly articulating each game asset and interaction before we started building was key! This strategy allowed us to scope the project in a way that was both realistic and compelling. I’m very proud that we were able to complete every element of the game we set out to do  - and then some! 

Initial flow diagram of key game elements [left] and initial sketch of the landscape [right]. Early organization and communication was key to the successful completion of this project.

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