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XR/UX Design

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Framework for developing intelligent VR training systems

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3D/VR Training, 2D UI Design

MAGPIE (“Maintenance Training based on an Adaptive Game-Based Environment using a Pedagogic Interpretation Engine”) is a game-based training framework for developing intelligent VR training systems. 

In my role as a 2D interface designer, I designed workspaces that allowed instructors to oversee and track multiple students performing virtual training procedures at once. Visual queues inform the instructor when students require asistance - from which instructors can easily view what the students are seeing, and provide audio guidance or even take control of the gameplay. 

To better inform students and instructors on the backend intelligent tutoring mechanisms, I designed detailed reports on student performance are available upon completion of training exercises - clearly detailing step completion, student-errors, instructor assists, time spent. Additionally, a backend authoring tool allows instructors to easily create and update new training procedures, and generate pedagogic questions. 

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